Our Community

Want to become part of our community? You probably already are!

In short, everyone interested in OpenStreetMap in Belgium is part of our community. First of all we have our mappers. But we also have people volunteering in a range of activities, or helping with building software, organizing mapathons or help with other OpenStreetMap related events. Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome and if you are still reading this we probably already consider you part of our community.

Our awesome volunteers at State of the Map in Brussels, 2016!

OpenStreetMap Belgium, our mission!

So, if everyone is part of the community then what's OpenStreetMap Belgium all about? Our main mission is to facilitate mapping activities in Belgium and make sure everyone feels welcome. You can call us 'crazy' about mapping, perhaps a bit more than the average community member. If you want to help to improve and grow the mapping community in Belgium, to make even more people crazy about mapping, OpenStreetMap Belgium is the right place for you! Visit the 'join' page to become an official member.

Our Projects

We have several ongoing projects to improve the map and support the community in Belgium.

Heritage in Flanders and Crowd-Sourced Projects

Heritage in Flanders and Crowdsourced Projects

Road completion project

Project lead: Joost Schouppe & Ben Abelshausen

We’re called OpenSTREETMap for a reason: we have an excellent road network. With turn restrictions and lane navigation, hiking paths and cycle lanes. But there are still some basic mistakes here and there. We aim to correct these mistakes by using open government datasets to verify and detect missing data. Meanwhile, we’ll improve government data too, and offer you a guaranteed minimum quality.

Mapper of the Month

Project lead: Marc Gemis

Mapper of the month has been one of our longest running projects. We noticed there is a lot of attention for those who have OSM as their job or are software developers using OSM but not as much for the mappers at the core of the OSM community. From the start the main the Goal of the project is to put the splotlight on those mappers.

Free Belgium Baselayers

Project lead: Jonathan Beliën

The goal for this project is to offer a OpenStreetMap baselayer for Belgium. This baselayer will be available for anyone using OpenLayers, Leaflet, … Most tile servers have a usage policy meaning you have to use commercial tiles servers (like Mapbox, Stamen, …) or host your tiles server yourself. We want to provide you with a third option, at least for Belgium, that is both open, free and easy to use.