Grote Routepaden mapping surface tags using MapComplete

Grote Routepaden VZW maintains 24 long-distance hiking trails in Flanders. They are always trying to improve the trails. That’s why Grote Routepaden is now looking at path surface. Unpaved paths are simply more fun to walk on. Their analysis relies on OSM data and Overpass queries. However, it quickly became clear that too few roads have a surface tag. At the moment, about 50% to 70% of a GR trail has a surface tag. To improve this, Grote Routepaden is going to add OSM data via a MapComplete theme. User s8evq has made a theme that easily adds the surface tag to roads along a GR. This tool will be distributed to GR’s 250 volunteers in the coming weeks. They often have enough terrain knowledge to add the data, or will go on site to add data.

You can contribute as well, using the MapComplete themes at: