OSMAnd route engine hacking

- BeCentral : Cantersteen 10 - 1000 Brussels

Did you know that the routing engine of OsmAnd can be tweaked? For example, it is possible to program it so that it avoids all cobblestone. Or, if your left blinker is broken, a route planner with only turns right can be provided. A lot is possible, this is your chance to build your own truly personalized routing engine.

Beware: this is a more technical workshop. In order to tweak the routing engine, an XML has to be edited and afterwards transferred on your phone. And you have to know what a tag such as ‘surface=asphalt’ means in OSM.

Definitely bring your laptop, your smartphone with a working OSMAnd installed and a USB-cable to transfer files.

Cantersteen 10 - 1000 Brussels

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