The Power of Open in Action: Community Day Open Knowledge Belgium

- BeCentral : Cantersteen 10 - 1000 Brussels

Open knowledge and open data are very powerful, essential forces for change. The good thing is… you as a citizen can contribute to open projects and contribute to a world where knowledge creates power for the many, not the few.

As a satellite event of the yearly Open Belgium conference (on Monday 4 March in Brussels), Open Knowledge Belgium is organising a community day on Saturday 2 March with talks and workshops on various open topics. This event aims to gather the community behind different open initiatives and is absolutely open to everyone who wants to learn more about open knowledge & open data in general.

Come and join us to learn, meet and discuss the power of open knowledge! Meet, campaign, learn, innovate, share, train, create, support, explore: some of the ways you can help open up knowledge for everyone.

Overview of all super exciting workshops:

And not to forget… included in your registration ticket:

Questions or suggestions? Or want to talk about your ideas or initiatives? That’s great! Just let us know via

This event is organized by Open Knowledge Belgium on #OpenDataDay, the annual celebration of open data all over the world.

For the eigth time in history, groups from around the world will create local events, where they will use open data in their communities. It is an opportunity to show the benefits of open data and encourage the adoption of open data policies in government, business and civil society.

All outputs are open for everyone to use and re-use.

Cantersteen 10 - 1000 Brussels

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