OpenStreetMap op Newline - Getting Started

- Hackerspace Gent : Blekerijstraat 75, 9000 Ghent

In this workshop, an introduction to OpenStreetMap is given - perfect if you are interested but never got started.

We have a look at what OSM exactly is, why it is awesome and how to contribute. Afterwards you’ll know the basics to effectively use it, add data and getting data out with overpass. I’ll also shortly touch upon the tools needed to get a libre and free map on your website - no creditcard needed.

After this workshop, I’m organizing a second workshop about OsmAnd - navigation on your smartphone with OpenStreetMap and how to modify the thing to your personal needs. All information can be found here:

This workshop is part of newline - a yearly conference by Hackerspace Ghent. All information on newline can be found here:

Hackerspace Gent
Blekerijstraat 75, 9000 Ghent

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