Corporate membership

- OpenStreetMap Belgium

For years, OpenStreetMap Belgium has worked with close to no budget at all. We also didn’t have much costs, so it wasn’t a real issue. Being part of OpenKnowledge Belgium meant we still had access to a professional organisation whenever needed.

But as OpenStreetMap in Belgium grows, this is no longer a good way of working. At the same time, we noticed that more and more companies build their businesses around OpenStreetMap data. They have an interest in being part of the community. We decided to solve both problems by introducing a Corporate Membership program. For our Corporate Members, we offer the following benefits:

For large organizations, this costs 2500 euro per year, for SME’s 1000 euro. We have managed to attract several companies this way:

While it is great we can have a closer relation to these data users (and corporate contributors!), this also means we have a budget now. The first thing we did, is start the Open StreetLevel Imagery project. We’re looking into more ways to better support the community with this income. Most of this discussion is happening within the official membership and the Board.

Do you want to be part of that discussion?

Just send a short e-mail to and tell us a sentence or two about yourself. We do ask for active involvement from our members.