The rush for Wallonia

- OpenStreetMap Belgium

There is a lot going on in Wallonia! Of course the community around Arlon has a lot of activities, but now we are building contacts with the geo devision at the Service Publique Wallonie (SPW) as well.

One of the tracks is related to buildings and addresses. A few years ago, Glenn Plas built a tool to help importing the buildings and addresses in Flanders. Over the last year, he also integrated Brussels’ and Wallonian data. For the occasion, we migrated the tool to and started centralizing the documentation on the wiki. Read the wiki before trying the tool though!

In Wallonia, we are going to give structured feedback about the state of the buildings in the source data. If you follow the instructions, we will be able to query OSM to report missing or razed buildings in their dataset. Our member Julien Minet already posted a blog (FR) about his experience in Neufchateau.

A similar thing is happening with the Road Completion project. While we are looking for missing roads in OpenStreetMap, we often spot mistakes in the official data as well. We have been using Wegenregister in Flanders for a long time. Here, feedback about the official data is generated within the MapRoulette tool we use for mapping. Now we are also providing this feedback for Wallonia as well.