Hiking maps with OSM!

Project lead: Julien Minet

Free local maps, optimized for hiking! In collaboration with OpenStreetMap Belgium, the website hiking.osm.be offers topographic hiking maps ready to print.

These maps highlight the marked trails routes in Belgium, on a detailed topographic background. This topographic background is based on the OpenArdenneMap cartographic style, a style specifically developed for printed maps, with a low number of colors, clear contrasts, and a strong emphasis on labels (based on the Alfphabet font), in the tradition of the Belgian NGI topographic maps of the 1960s to 1980s.

These maps, whose catalog will evolve with time and demand, can be downloaded at a free price from hiking.osm.be. Benefiting from the continuous updating of OpenStreetMap data, these maps are regularly updated. In particular, all marked routes displayed on the map are derived from OpenStreetMap data.

By contributing to OpenStreetMap, you improve these maps and can use them freely for your leisure!

This project was initiated by the two companies Champs-Libres Coopérative and the atelier cartographique. More information on the FAQ.